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You must really be bored to have made it all the way to this page! ;-)

I'm a head-of-the-household, thirty-something-year-old, Southern-born woman of mainly Scottish-Irish-French-English-American ancestry (and a few other things thrown in.) All the dominant traits in my genes won out so I am dark-haired, brown-eyed gal.

I'm a Libra, born in the Chinese year of the Goat, if that means anything. My personality type is INFP (Introvert, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving) but a bit of the last two are pretty close to the middle of the chart towards Thinking and Judging.

I have a wonderfully supportive, tolerant, and loving family. In 1991, fate finally stepped in and I met and married my "older guy" who is 23 years my senior (but he's younger than me when it comes to maturity!) After several letters and a first date where he made a gourmet dinner for us (he's a great cook!) we were both hopelessly in lust, er... love with each other and married six months later. We wasted no time whatsoever starting our family and had two kidlings together (one boy, one girl.) Getting married also made me the young stepmom of a now-20-something-year-old who is married herself! Miraculously, I've been living in the same place for well over a decade now instead of a few years here and there.

What do I do in "Real Life"? I have ten plus years experience in web design and development (professionally in corporate IT departments as well as for my "hobby-ish" projects such as this), well over ten years in graphic design and a lifetime as an artist. I am a voracious reader, a lover of music, art, theatre, film, and so much more but is not about me so I'm going to try to keep this brief I don't think I'm succeeding there, do you?

Acting is probably the last profession in the world you would find me in (way too shy) but I love plays and musicals and admire the heck out of actors, actresses, musicians and the rest of the people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. In high school and my first two years of university -- thanks to a theatre merit award -- I was most active in Scene Design, Painting and Props. Scene design lead me into graphic design and I ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art - Graphic Design. I found the perfect way to combine my technical and creative skills in the web design profession during the mid-90s, thanks to the suggestion of my technogeek dad. Proof that sometimes parents CAN give good advice! :-)

My goals in life (right now anyway) are to keep doing what I'm doing and get even better at it, make sure my kids are well-educated, well-loved and grow up OK without growing up too fast, get done remodeling my friggin' house before another decade rolls by, take a REAL vacation (instead of the long-weekend variety which are few and far between) and to get beyond living paycheck-to-paycheck ... wish me luck!