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So curiosity got the better of you , eh?   :-)

Under s-l-o-w development since: April 2001
(thought about it well before then but never thought I'd really do it!)

Went "live" on the 'Net: 05 August 2001

Please don't ask me WHY I made this web site! Okay, okay, I'll tell you something but I'm warning you in advance, I will start to ramble. I just hope this makes a smidgen of sense....

If you're like me, you have numerous "favourites" when it comes to actors and actresses, directors, writers, tv series, plays, films, books, musicians, bands, artists, etc. What on earth could I give in return for the countless hours of entertainment and vicarious experiences each has given me?

I have always been a creative person, an "artist" all my life. Over the last decade, I find that I have been expressing myself mostly through electronic mediums. In some small way, I feel I can "give back" and show my appreciation for a select few of my "favs" by creating web pages that highlight and inform other people about them. Brian Cox is one of those few.

"Why Brian Cox?" Well, for me, it all started back in the mid-eighties on the big screen with the film MANHUNTER. Always the one to be more interested in the complex and "bad guy" characters, my curiosity was piqued about the actor after seeing him in the role of the highly intellectual psycho, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. It left an indelible impression on my mind, to say the least, and time and time again the actor keeps me on edge with the characters he has chosen to play.

Another reason ... I couldn't believe no one had dedicated a web site for him yet! Mr. Cox, if you ever get to read this, I hope you'll approve of this site and I apologize/apologise in advance for any mangling of the English language I have done or will do here. I only wish I was more knowledgeable about your stage career so that I could do it justice. Hopefully, I'll get some help from some stage actors or theatre aficionados out there on the Internet!

It took me quite a bit of pondering to come up with a domain name to represent Brian Cox online (since all the obvious domain names have been taken.) "Coxian" seemed perfectly succinct and descriptive, and so was born (or uh, registered, in this case.)


This site is completely UNOFFICIAL and not endorsed by nor affiliated with the actor Brian Cox, his friends and family or any of the films, stage productions, tv shows, etc. that he has been involved in during his career. exists to provide information about the actor and his career to those online who appreciate his work. This is a not-for-profit venture. All costs for web hosting, domain registration, design and development are paid for or provided by the webmistress. Copyrights to all images, articles, etc. are held by their respective owners, no infringements are intended. Credits and reciprocal links are given wherever such information is known.

I may be a professional web designer but my sites such as this one don't get the benefit of my highly focused attention since I'm at work all week and I'm busy being The Mom when I'm home! :-) But I'll try my best, okay? Especially with a little help from people online. Feel free to contribute comments, info and corrections! With the exception of photos and other works that are already copyrighted by their respective owners, I do claim copyright to the graphics and web page designs that I created and the unique compilation of information found here. I would be flattered you like my creations, of course, but please don't copy and use them elsewhere without asking, okay? :-)