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140 credits
Year Type Title Character Type of Role
2011 Film Ironclad   Albany Actor
2010 Film Wide Blue Yonder   Wally Actor
2009 TV Series The Take   Ozzy Actor
2009 Film The Good Heart   Jacques Actor
2009 TV Mini-series The Day of the Triffids   Dennis Mason Actor
2009 TV Tell Tale   Van Doren Actor
2009 Film Scooby-Doo and the Samurai Sword   Green Dragon Voice Actor
2009 TV Marple: They Do It with Mirrors   Lewis Serrocold Actor
2009 TV Lost & Found   Burt Macey Actor
2009 TV Series Kings   King Vesper Abaddon Actor
2009 Film Fantastic Mr. Fox   Action 12 Reporter Voice Actor
2009 TV Series Doctor Who: The End of Time: Part One & Two   Elder Ood Actor
2009 Film As Good as Dead   Reverend Kalahan Actor
2008 Film Trick 'r Treat   Mr. Kreeg Actor
2008 TV The Colour of Magic     Narrator
2008 Film Shoot on Sight     Actor
2008 Film Red   Avery Ludlow Actor
2008 Film Milestones   Al Actor
2008 Film Escapist, The   Frank Perry Actor
2008 Film Agent Crush   Spanners Actor
2007 Film Zodiac
US Release Date: 19-JAN-07
Melvin Belli Actor
2007 Film Water Horse, The: Legend of the Deep   Old Angus Actor
2007 Film Terra   General Hemmer Voice Actor
2007 TV Secret of the Nutcracker, The
Canada Release Date: 23-DEC-2007
2007 Film Key Man, The   Irving Actor
2006 Theatre Tom Stoppard's Rock'n'Roll
Play. Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, London. June 3 - July 15, 2006. Goes to the Duke of York's Theatre on July 22, 2006.
Professor Max Morrow Actor
2006 Film Running With Scissors
US Release Date: 11-OCT-2006
Dr. Finch Actor
2006 TV Movie Outsiders, The
UK Release Date: 03-OCT-2006
Gabriel Actor
2006 Film Flying Scotsman, The   Douglas Baxter Actor
2006 TV Series Deadwood
Recurring role in several season three episodes.
Jack Langrishe Actor
2006 Film Burns   James Armour Actor
2005 TV Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes & Arthur Conan Doyle, The
UK airdate: 27-JUL-2005
Dr. Joseph Bell Actor
2005 Film Ringer, The   Gary Barker Actor
2005 Theatre Ride Down Mt. Morgan in Los Angeles, The
Play. Los Angeles Theatre Works. May 11-15, 2005.
2005 Film Red Eye   Joe Reisert Actor
2005 Film Match Point
A Woody Allen film
Alec Hewett Actor
2005 TV Series Lost: The Journey     Narrator
2005 TV Series Danny Phantom - 'Reign Storm'
Airdate: 29-JUL-2005
Pariah Dark Voice Actor
2005 TV Blue/Orange
Airdate: 03-MAR-05 on BBC4
Dr. Robert Smith Actor
2005 Film A Woman in Winter   Dr. Hunt Actor
2004 Documentary Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson
A Ken Burns documentary.
  Voice Actor
2004 Theatre Uncle Varick
Play. Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland UK
Uncle Varick Actor
2004 Film Troy   Agamemnon Actor
2004 TV Series Richard and Judy
26-Apr-2004 episode
2004 TV Series Richard & Judy
09-Dec-2004 episode
2004 Film Reckoning, The
AKA Morality Play
Tobias Actor
2004 TV Series McEnroe
16-Jul-2004 episode
2004 Video Game KillZone   Scolar Visari Voice Actor
2004 TV Series GMTV
29-Apr-2004 episode
2004 Short Film Get the Picture   Harry Sondheim Actor
2004 TV Series French and Saunders
05-Nov-2004 episode
2004 TV Series Dennis Miller
21-May-2004 episode
2004 Film Bourne Supremacy, The   Ward Abbott Actor
2003 Film X-Men 2   William Stryker Actor
2003 TV Series Today with Des & Mel
16-Oct-2003 episode
2003 Film Sin      
2003 TV Series Richard and Judy
23-Apr-2003 episode
2003 Video Game Manhunt   The Director Voice Actor
2002 TV Trials of Henry Kissinger, The     Narrator
2002 TV Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon     Narrator
2002 Film Rookie, The   James Jim Morris, Sr. Actor
2002 Film Ring, The   Richard Morgan Actor
2002 TV Rasputin: The Devil in the Flesh     Narrator
2002 TV Series Frasier - 'The Guilt Trippers'
14-May-2002 episode
Mr. Moon (Daphne's Dad) Actor
2002 TV Series Frasier - 'Moons over Seattle'
21-May-2002 episode
Mr. Moon (Daphne's Dad)  
2002 Film Bourne Identity, The   Ward Abbott Actor
2002 TV Movie Biographer, The   Michael O'Mara Actor
2002 Film Adaptation.   Robert McKee Actor
2002 Film 25th Hour, The   James Brogan Actor
2001 Film Super Troopers   Capt. John O'Hagan Actor
2001 Film Strictly Sinatra
AKA Cocozza's Way
Chisolm Actor
2001 Film Murder by Numbers     Himself
2001 Film L.I.E.   Big John Harrigan Actor
2001 Film Bug   Cyr Actor
2001 Film Affair of the Necklace, The     Actor
2000 Film Shot at Glory, A   Martin Smith Actor
2000 Film Saltwater   George Actor
2000 TV Mini-series Nuremberg   Reichmarshal Hermann Goering Actor
2000 Film Mad About Mambo   Sidney McLoughlin Actor
2000 TV Mini-series Longitude   Lord Morton Actor
2000 Film Complicity   Inspector McDunn Actor
1999 Film Minus Man, The   Doug Durwin Actor
1999 Film For Love of the Game   Gary Wheeler Actor
1999 Film Corruptor, The   Sean Wallace Actor
1999 TV Battle of the Clans (A&E)     Narrator
1998 Film Rushmore   Dr. Guggenheim Actor
1998 TV Poodle Springs   Clayton Blackstone Actor
1998 Film Merchants of Venus     Actor
1998 Film Desperate Measures   Captain Jeremiah Cassidy Actor
1997 TV Series Superman - 'Two's a Crowd' episode   Dr. Earl Garver Voice Actor
1997 Short Film New Window Pane, A     Actor
1997 Film Kiss the Girls   Chief Hatfield Actor
1997 TV Henry V at Shakespeare's Globe     Narrator
1997 Film Boxer, The   Joe Hamill Actor
1996 TV Witness Against Hitler   Judge Freisler Actor
1996 Film Long Kiss Goodnight, The   Dr. Nathan Waldman Actor
1996 Film Glimmer Man, The   Mr. Smith Actor
1996 Film Chain Reaction   Lyman Earl Collier Actor
1995 Film Rob Roy   Killearn Actor
1995 Theatre Music Man, The
Musical. 07/26/1995
Prof. Harold Hill Actor
1995 Film Braveheart   Argyle Wallace Actor
1994 TV The Negotiator (BBC Scotland)   Charlie King Actor
1994 Film Prince of Jutland
aka Royal Deceit
Aethelwine, Duke of Lindsey Actor
1994 Film Iron Will   Angus McTeague Actor
1993 Film The Eye of Vichy     Narrator
1993 TV Series Sharpe's Rifles   Hogan Actor
1993 TV Series Sharpe's Eagle   Hogan Actor
1993 TV Sean's Show   Brother Shaw Actor
1993 Film Grushko   Colonel Grushko Actor
1992 Short Film The Cutter     Actor
1992 Film Six Characters in Search of an Author   The Director Actor
1992 TV Mini-series Shakespeare: The Animated Tales - 'Macbeth'     Voice Actor
1991 TV Mini-series Red Fox   Geoffrey Harrison Actor
1991 TV Lost Language of Cranes, The   Owen Benjamin Actor
1991 TV Cloning of Joanna May, The   Carl May Actor
1991 TV Big Battalions, The   Edward Actor
1990 TV Secret Weapon   Andrew Neil Actor
1990 Film Hidden Agenda   Kerrigan Actor
1989 TV Murder by Moonlight   Voronov Actor
1988 TV Shadow on the Sun   Jock Purves Actor
1988 TV Series Red Dwarf: 1/24/1997 ep 7.2 'Stoke Me a Clipper'   The King Actor
1988 TV Mini-series Modern World: Ten Great Writers Vol 2. VHS   Henrik Ibsen Voice Actor
1987 TV Series Inspector Morse ep 7.1 1/6/1993 'Deadly Slumber'   Michael Steppings Actor
1987 TV Enemy of the State     Actor
1986 TV Shoot for the Sun   Duffy Actor
1986 Film Manhunter aka Red Dragon   Dr. Lecktor Actor
1986 TV Deliberate Death of a Polish Priest, The   Waldemar Chrostowski Actor
1984 TV Pope John Paul II   Father Gora Actor
1984 TV King Lear   Burgundy Actor
1984 TV Cantor of St Thomas's, The   Johann Sebastian Bach Actor
1982 Theatre Danton's Death
Play. London, England UK
1980 TV Mini-series Therese Raquin   Laurent Actor
1980 TV Series Hammer House of Horror: ep 1.7 10/25/1980 'Silent Scream, The'     Actor
1978 TV Devil's Crown, The   Henry II Actor
1977 TV Series Target ep 'Carve Up'   Billy Voss Actor
1975 Film In Celebration   Steven Shaw Actor
1971 Film Nicholas and Alexandra   Trotsky Actor
1970 TV Series Doomwatch ep 1.12 'Hear No Evil'   Owen Actor
1968 TV Theatre 625:Year of the Sex Olympics, The   Lasar Opie Actor
1967 Theatre As You Like It
Play. The Vaudeville Theatre, Westend, London