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Birthday: 1 June 1946
Birthplace: Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
The Cox family is descended from Irish immigrants.

Alan Cox, Actor, Son of Brian (photo by Simon Annand)Son Alan Cox (a professional actor) and daughter Margaret, from his 18-year marriage to Caroline Burt (they divorced in 1986.)

Nicol Ansari, Actress, GirlfriendBrian is married to German actress, Nicole Ansari. The couple welcomed their first son together to the world on 31 Jan 2002 and their second son on 26 Oct 2004.


Actor - Stage (especially Shakespeare!), Film, Television series and mini-series, Radio, Voice.

Educator - Mr. Cox has spent some time passing along his skills to future thespians through courses at Harvard University, Cal Arts and via video training course, "Acting and Tragedy."

Writer of two non-fiction books: "The Lear Diaries," (a journal of his experience playing the title role of King Lear for the National Theatre) and "From Salem to Moscow" (about his teaching at The Arts Theatre School in Russia.) Note from Clair: if you can get your hands on a copy of either, they're both good reads ... an excellent peek into the acting profession and its affects on the people involved.


Astrological Signs:

Zodiac: Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Chinese: Fire Dog (1886, 1946, 2006) "A highly dramatic and attractive type of Dog who will be thrown into the limelight by his alluring yet friendly personality. He will be defiant and rebellious when forced to do something against his will, but he will be very popular with the opposite sex. Although he may be the life of the party type, he is still careful to practice what he preaches and will not be spoiled by success and fortune. Fire makes him very fierce when attacked; nor will he make threats he cannot carry out. His bite is just as strong as his bark. The buoyant and self-assured Fire Dog has greater magnetic charm and can convince others to follow his lead. His independent spirit and courage will see to it that he is never afraid of getting involved with others. He will constantly thrill to new experiences and adventures. But he needs a strong shining example to pattern himself after. He will relate better to people older than himself, those from whom he can learn a great deal or whom he can depend on to bring stability into his life. Fire makes him or her more creative and pure in expression. He will be charged with super willpower and a natural honesty that people find hard to resist. His outgoing character combined with the Dog's basic faith and idealism will help him to succeed in ambitious endeavors and to overcome great barriers." - Twilight



"Brian Cox has the appearance of a rather handsome and craggy bear." - Radio 4 interview

"For those of us who had thought of Brian Cox as a largely sombre actor his performance as Harold Hill [The Music Man] is an eye-opener. ... he throws himself into the part with wild abandon. Mr Cox plainly likes a bit of a cavort."
- Ian Shuttleworth

"If grinning and bearing it was an Olympic sport, he'd be a gold medallist. " - Peter Ross


Training & Experience:

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)
Royal Lyceum Edinburgh
Birmingham Repertory Theatre



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B/W photo of Alan Cox by Simon Annand
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