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March 2004

Brian Cox urges Scotland's stars to come home - posted on Saturday, March 27 2004
Published March 24, 2004 in The Herald: Brian Cox calls on Scotland's Hollywood-based stars to come back to their homeland and perform for the new National Theatre. "I would really like to fly the flag, and also see a lot of other Scottish actors coming over too," said the actor, who is originally from Dundee. "Look at Sir Sean Connery, he is very consistent about this (supporting Scotland). He has done a lot of charity work over the years, and I really feel you should do your bit for Scotland." He added: "The older I get, the more I realise how important your roots are. "Scotland is the country that people traditionally leave -- look at David Livingstone or Robert Louis Stevenson -- but increasingly I think it's a country you should come back to as well." - Click here to read complete article on

Brian Cox and Nicole Ansari expecting their second child - posted on Saturday, March 27 2004
Published March 27, 2004 at The actor, who has starred alongside Halle Berry and Morgan Freeman, said today that his wife German actress Nicole Ansari, 33, was pregnant with their second child. Mr Cox is currently living in Marchmont with his niece ahead of the production next month of Uncle Varick at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh. Today, the actor, who already has two grown-up children from his first marriage, said: "We had the wee boy and both felt that he should have a sibling. We were sort of leaving it in a way, but nature took its course, as it were." The star, originally from Dundee, will appear with Brad Pitt in the blockbuster epic Troy, which is expected to hit cinema screens in the summer. The Edinburgh production of Uncle Varick, a new play by John Byrne, marks Mr Cox’s first Scottish stage performance in a decade. CONGRATS AND BEST WISHES, BRIAN & NICOLE!

Scottish Youth Theatre's new home in Glasgow - posted on Thursday, March 25 2004
Brian Cox talks about the development of Scottish Youth Theatre's new home in Glasgow. Click here to go to the online version of the report was broadcast on Scotland Today (tv) on 23-MAR-2004.

THE RECKONING opens in limited release - posted on Saturday, March 6 2004
THE RECKONING (opened on 05-MAR-2004 in a very *limited* release) is "a murder mystery set in the Middle Ages yet steep in moral dilemmas about the power of art, the temptations of evil and the search for justice that continue to haunt us in modern times." Paul Bettany plays a fugitive priest named Nicholas who joins a troupe of traveling actors led by Willem Dafoe's character, Martin. Brian Cox plays Tobias, one of the troupe members. For more information, please visit the official site.