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April 2005

New BC News - posted on Tuesday, April 26 2005
Scottish player's lucky streak (Sun 24 Apr 2005)
"THEY call themselves Charlie’s Angels: three talented young actors being nurtured by Brian Cox, the Dundee-born star of Troy, X-Men and The Bourne Supremacy. Now a big Hollywood earner, Cox is putting his money where his mouth is to invest in the next generation. Without show or fanfare, he’s been subsidising the three women through drama school." View complete article at

Brian Cox No Longer Aslan
"The big news of the Biola Media Conference is that Brian Cox is no longer doing the voice of Aslan! Apparently he has lost some weight and his voice has changed. ... No choice has yet been made. Stay tuned as we’re covering this breaking story!" View complete article at

Real talent doesn't just flash the flesh (Thu 21 Apr 2005) "...The Talent profiles 12 successful Scots and examines the contribution made by the land of their birth. Certain characteristics like tenacity obviously stand out, but what has struck me most is the modesty. From Olympic yachtswoman Shirley Robertson to actor Brian Cox and
soccer legend Gordon Strachan, success for them doesn’t equal arrogance. They may have remarkable talent, but they also have a charming air of seemingly not feeling worthy of the hype." View complete article at